Thursday 22 May 2014

Rock Climbing Cat. Good or Bad?

Rock Climbing Cat. Good or Bad?

A man in America likes rock climbing and trekking.  He's a good guy.  He adopted a rescue cat: a little black kitten that was about to be euthanised at a rescue centre.  The little black kitten came over to him and picked out Craig.  Craig adopted her and called her Millie.  Now they appear to be inseparable because Millie follows her rock climbing guardian onto the rock face; she climbs rock faces with him.
Millie rock climbing - I have taken the liberty of publishing this photo here.
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This is charming and it is interesting but it also looks dangerous to me.  I don't know how dangerous it is.  Craig says that Millie has sometimes fallen but he has caught her.  He also says that Millie sometimes wanders off and does silly things.  Perhaps Craig is doing silly things in taking her up the rock face with him.

But perhaps Craig is not taking Millie up the rock face with him;  perhaps she's simply following him because she likes it.  She likes the outdoor life.  It is full of fun even if it might be a bit dangerous but she does not know it is dangerous.  Craig, however, does and Craig has the responsibilities of a cat guardian which includes making sure that his cat is safe at all times and provided for.

So is Craig discharging his duty as a cat owner properly and wisely?  That is the $64,000 question. Some people will say he is because he is providing his cat with a wonderfully energetic outdoor life. Other people will say that his cat is simply following him and what he is putting his cat through is too dangerous.

I tend to lean towards the fact that it is too dangerous and Craig should find some other ways to be with his cat.

At the moment all is well but perhaps one day Millie will fall (Craig says that she has fallen on occasions but he has caught her).  One day he might not be able to catch her and she might die and then perhaps we can conclude that what is happening is wrong or bad but at the moment we're not sure.

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