Friday 16 May 2014

A drug on Trial to Stop People Being Allergic to Cats

Allergy to Cats: A Miserable Conflict for Kitty Lovers

A new drug called Catpad is on trial at the moment in America, which if it works might conceivably change the lives of millions of Americans.  We are told that up to about 10% of the population are allergic to the domestic cat to varying degrees and many of these people love cats and so they struggle through their allergy to enjoy the company of their cat and to care for them.

Dr Stephen Tolber is researching an injection-based drug which limits the allergic reaction in people. It boosts the immune system.

The scientists researching this drug is still looking for more participants in a study and anyone wishing to apply should write to the following address or telephone the number below:

  • Allergy, Respiratory & Sleep Center, 4048 Dressler Road NW, Canton, Ohio.
  • Call Melanie Carlson at 330-479-3333
Applicants should be between the ages of 12 and 65 and have been diagnosed with a cat allergy and live in a home with a cat.

I wonder whether this sort of drug can really work.  Is it wise to take drugs, which may have side effects, to alleviate the cat allergy? I suppose if a person is genuinely desperate enough then certainly it must be a fantastic thing.  However, there are varying degrees of the allergy to cats and for many mild sufferers there are steps that one can take to alleviate the problem which do not entail taking a drug. That is probably a better course of action.

Also, sometimes the allergic reaction fades over time and this should be factored into any decision.

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