Tara, Heroine Cat Who Saved Boy Opens Baseball Game

Tara, Heroine Cat Who Saved Boy Opens Baseball Game

I am not the only person who thinks it is not right to turn Tara into another celebrity cat, which is what appears to be happening here as she is brought out onto a baseball field to throw the first pitch.

Tara is the cat who pushed a viscous biting dog of her human companion (a four-year-old boy) by charging at the dog and chasing him off.

Without wanting to be a kill-joy I think the best way to care for Tara now is to let her behave normally and not to carry her out to the middle of a noisy stadium which will probably scare her and then pretend that she throws the first pitch.

Most domestic cats don't like this sort of thing. Anything different from the normal routine, especially something noisy with lots of people, is normally not good for a domestic cat.

What kind of reward is this for her great behaviour? I suppose money was involved. Celebrity cats don't do anything until the owner receives a payment in commission.


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