Saturday 17 May 2014

Kindergarten Kids Foster Kitten Rescued From Tornadoes

Kindergarten Kids Foster Kitten Rescued From Tornadoes

What is the best thing to do when you rescue a tiny, 4 week-old kitten from devastating tornadoes that cut through Arkansas in April 2014?  You make arrangements for a class of kindergarten kids to look after the kitten, that is the best sort of outcome because it's win-win.

The kindergarten kid kitten fosters! Photo presumed to be by teacher Kristian Laughy

The young kids learn about how to respect animals, domestic animals and to care for them and nurture them and be gentle with them.  The teacher has a fantastic subject to discuss on a daily basis. There are endless sorts of topics that can come out of caring for a domestic cat.  You can discuss animal husbandry, anatomy, the senses, friendship, morality, ethics (is that too advanced for kindergarten kids?) and respect for all animals and so on.

What a wonderful idea.  This excellent outcome for both kids and kitten is a collaboration between the lady who rescued the kitten and the teacher, Kristian Laughy, who made contact with the lady via Facebook.  Good old Facebook does it again.  Sometimes social media is incredibly successful in bringing people together.

I don't think it gets much better than educating young children about how to respect the domestic cat. Perhaps, all the kids in this class will grow up to love the domestic cat and they will teach their children to do the same thing and so on.  This enlightened form of cat fostering may foster hundreds of thousands of enlightened individuals who support the welfare of cats hundreds of years into the future.

The kitchen has been named: Mission Kitty.  I suppose it was and is a mission to both bring this kitten back to good health and confidence and thence onward into adulthood.  The next step is to find him a good home and bearing in mind the excellent work already carried out, I'm confident that an excellent home will be found.

The school: OAKBROOKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Pulaski County?) - USA.

If you click on the link at the top of the page you will see another page on this same subject but written in a slightly different style.

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