Monday 19 May 2014

Twisted Limbs in Kittens

Twisted Limbs in Kittens

Twisted limbs in kittens is usually caused by a kitten in the womb being in a cramped position, perhaps because there are a lot of another kittens in the womb with her.  Twisted limbs in kittens is usually a developmental cat health problem.

There are many types of twisted and deformed kitten limbs. The problem can affect one limb or two or more limbs. This particular cat health problem can affect any cat anywhere and is not dependent upon cat welfare or cat nutrition. There isn't a particular geographical location where it occurs more the other places.  As mentioned, it appears to be near always about developmental issues in the womb.
Murcy is another sweet kitten with twisted/deformed hind limbs

The positive aspect of twisted limbs in kittens is that, as usual, they cope marvellously well.  In addition, it is possible to rectify this abnormality provided treatment takes place very early on in the kitten's life.  Physiotherapy and massage are two treatments that can help.  The veterinarian might place a splint on the affected leg.  A cat owner should take his/her cat to the vet as soon as possible if she sees this problem.

Very regrettably, sometimes the kitten has to be euthanised because there are not only external deformities but internal ones as well.  Her organs might also be deformed.  But provided the problem is confined to the legs I'm sure that the kitten will cope very well as they always do.  I suppose, that amputation of a deformed leg that cannot be treated is an option because as usual cats live very fruitful lives despite missing a leg or even two!

I am sure that all true cat lovers would be touched emotionally by the sight of a kitten with twisted limbs.  Their vulnerability is both distressing and charming at the same time in a rather peculiar way. I'm sure that caring for a kitten who becomes an adult with twisted limbs is highly rewarding. Caring for a disabled cat always is if you love cats.

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