Monday 19 May 2014

Did You Know You Can Buy Cat Wine?

Wine for Cats!

I had no idea (or I had forgotten!). It's called Nyan Nyan Nouveau and it is non-alcoholic. It's a wine specially made for cats so that you can share a drink with them on special occasions! You'll end up drinking it yourself, though...The name of the wine, Nyan, is the way the Japanese say the English “meow". Therefore, I discovered that this is a Japanese creation. You may have heard of Nyan Cat - the video.
Cat wine -- Nyan Nyan Nouveau

The bottles are quite small at 180 ml each. A can of beer, by comparison is 440 ml. Each bottle sells for $4.10. Expensive for non-alcoholic wine It's red wine, by the way. Or it is a red coloured liquid. It was first released in 2013 at the same time that Beaujolais Nouveau for that year came onto the market, which is mid-November.

The company that makes it is B&H Lifes. The company also makes non-alcoholic beer, wine and saké for dogs. Apparently, the company created the wine in response to requests from Japanese cat owners. The Japanese cat owner complained that there were no gifts that they could give their pets. It would seem that cat owners do not necessarily expect their cat to drink the wine so this is more about the act of giving and they wanted something to give.

It won't surprise readers to know that only one in 10 cats were willing to actually taste it never mind drink it in a test! When you think about it it was a rather optimistic concept because cats are, at the best at times, rather poor drinkers and some domestic cat hardly drink at all because they get all the moisture they need from wet cat food or a mouse.

Certainly, my cat would not even give it a glance because he is one of the world's worst drinkers. He might take a few sips of water twice a week. A flavoured liquid like non-alcoholic red wine for cats is a nonstarter for my Cat. Nyan Nyan Nouveau wine is on the market are 2 reasons I suspect:
  1. The company needed to extend their customer base because perhaps their conventional customer base was shrinking so they decided on the ever expanding and popular pet market and;
  2. Secondly, no one expects the cat to act to drink it as this is a novelty gift for granny to buy for her daughter who looks after the cats.

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