Wednesday 14 May 2014

Family Cat Courageously Saves Boy From Vicious Dog Attack

This is a genuinely amazing example of domestic cat behaviour in the family environment.  I believe the video was made with a home security video camera which just happened to record what was going on.  There appears to have been 2 cameras in fact.

It appears that the family's son was playing at the front of the house on a bike or scooter and a dog comes around from behind the family's car and viciously attacks the boy by biting into his leg and dragging him around.  The dog attack appears to be unprovoked but we don't know the history.  The dog might belong to the neighbours.

Immediately, what appears to be the family's cat races out and knocks the dog away from the boy and then proceeds to chase after the dog.  The cat demonstrates total commitment and confidence with a lot of courage.  I have the feeling that no matter what the size of the dog, the cat would have done the same thing.

You can see that the title of the video is “My Cat Saved My Son".  That may well be true because the injuries that the boy did suffer are quite severe despite the intervention of the family cat.  Who knows what might have happened if this amazing domestic cat had not intervened.

The interesting part of this cat behaviour is that there is no doubt in my mind that the cat was protecting the boy which means that the cat saw the boy as part of his family, a colleague, a friend or an associate.  The cat is protecting an associate.  This throws wide open the door to the kind of emotions that a cat can sense and what motivates a cat.

I hope people will think about the behaviour of this cat.  It is almost as if the boy's father had raced out of the house and saved his son himself but it wasn't the father it was the family cat!

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