Wednesday 28 May 2014

Fat Cat Art

Fat Cat Art is the creation of Russian artist Svetlana Petrova who inherited her mother's spoilt, overweight, ginger, tabby cat when she died in 2008. The cat's name is Zarathustra.

Svetlana was grief stricken on her mother's death but after 2 years she decided to be creative again and in doing so decided to use digital photography and Photoshop to embed photographs of her fat, ginger cat within well-known paintings by the masters such as Marc Chagall, Titian and Leonardo da Vinci:

I'm not sure I can make much in the way of comment about this.  It is what it is. It may be popular but it is the first time I have seen it as far as I can recall and I've been surfing the Internet searching from cat information and cat images for about 7 years, so I don't think it is that well publicised or known.

I don't think it is that good either to be perfectly honest.  It doesn't do anything to me.  It doesn't get my juices flowing or rock my boat.

The only interest I have in this artwork, which can be seen on the Fat Cat Art website is the state of the health of this enormous ginger, tabby cat.  This cat is liable to have health issues including diabetes and arthritis in older age.

I know I am a bit grumpy but I don't see anything funny in a very obese orange tabby cat shoehorned in to the Mona Lisa.  But there again, a lot of people will love it, I'm sure.  Most orange tabby cats are males.

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