Tuesday 6 May 2014

Commercial Wet Cat Food Is Packaged In the Wrong Sizes

Commercial Wet Cat Food Is Packaged In the Wrong Sizes

In the United Kingdom, and possibly in the United States, I would argue that the portion sizes in the packaging of commercial cat food is incorrect.  Wet cat food is packaged in portions that are too large while dry cat food contains pellets which are too small and which a cat swallows whole. This can cause problems.

Cat food waste
It is not cat logic. It is about human logic. 
The portion size is too large!

This article is about wet cat food and its packaging.  Typically it is bought in cans and in the United Kingdom in what are called “pouches".  These pouches are usually flexible airtight containers which contain about 100 g of wet cat food.  There are 12 pouches to a box.

My suggestion is that a cat owner should be able to buy wet cat food in sealed portion sizes that weigh about 30 g.  This is the weight of a mouse.  The manufacturers of cat food could, in fact, possibly supply cat food in packaged portions that are half that weight at 15 g.  In any case the packaged portions should be a fraction of the current 100 g.

The smaller portion sizes would provide flexibility to the cat owner so that she could either serve up one portion or several portions when feeding her cat, depending on the appetite and the size of her domestic cat.

The smaller portion sizes would provide, as stated, flexibility whereas at the moment a cat owner is obliged to put down 100 g of cat food into a bowl.  Far too often, a domestic cat will leave uneaten up to about 50% of what is in the bowl.  There is waste and there's lots of it because quite often wet cat food will go off.  The domestic cat will not return to it.

Once a package portion of wet cat food is opened it really has to be eaten in its entirety and this is where the concept of flexibility comes in because a cat owner when buying smaller packets portions a wet cat food can decide exact portions ,which are suitable for individual cats, by adding together smaller portions.

To recap,  I propose - for wet cat food - an intermediate portion size, between the overly small pellets of dry cat food and the only large packaged portions of wet cat food.

What do you think?  Does your cat leave a lot of wet cat food in her bowl and you throwaway lots of it?  Is it a problem for you to throw it away all the time both financially and because it goes off in the waste bin?  When wet cat food goes off it starts to smell.  This is another problem but the worst of it is that a lot of money is being wasted.

Being rather cynical, I have the impression that the commercial manufacturers of wet cat food want people to waste it because they sell more.  Did that ever occur to you?

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