Thursday 8 May 2014

Cat Asks to Have His Head Rubbed

If you look at this cat carefully I think you will notice that he is requesting that his owner strokes his head. He makes the request by mimicking what his owner does when he strokes his head. It all happens quite quickly but this is an animated gif so it is on a permanent loop so you can watch it again and again.

I think it's really cute but I may be imagining things.  I certainly think though that this little movie is meant to be giving us this message, which is the cat is requesting something through his actions.

Cats are very good at learning by watching and they learn from us and can sometimes mimic us. This ability come from their natural behaviour in the wild when they learn from their mother's actions.  There are other examples of this learned behaviour through observation: cats mimicking the sound of baby's cry to get attention, for example. Another is cats opening room doors or fridge doors having watched their human caretaker.  There are endless examples actually but some of them are quite subtle.

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