Sunday 25 May 2014

Merge All Your Credit Cards Into One

This is a mobile phone (cell phone) App which merges all your credit cards into one card and when you pay you can select the card you want to pay with.  And if you lose your card you can track it using your iPhone as long as you are within Bluetooth wireless range (as I understand it).

I think it's going to make a big difference to the way people use their debit and credit cards.  It will probably lead to other things and the gradual disappearance of debit and credit cards altogether so you pay with your iPhone.

You can see a gradual shift away from cash, cards (plastic) and any other tangible money object that you can hold, towards totally electronic transactions using a mobile phone.

That is the way I see things going and it may happen in the not too distant future.  The Bitcoin is based on a similar concept where there is no actual tangible money.

The problem with all this new technology based upon iPhones is all-important security.  How secure are these transactions?  Criminals are always able to hack into computer systems if they are determined and sophisticated enough so the developers of the sort of software are going to have to focus on security and convince people that it is secure.

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