Wednesday 7 May 2014

Cat Kicking Creep Arrested After Video Goes Viral

Cat Kicking Creep Arrested After Video Goes Viral

You can read about this incident by clicking on the link above.  In this short post I would like to discuss one aspect of this story which has hardly been reported.  What happened to the cat?  A veterinarian who has seen the video said that the cat would have suffered serious injury as a result of this kick.

It surprises me that all the focus is on the criminal while there is almost zero focus on the victim. We are told that the cat has been taken to a hospital for a checkup and then re-homing.  I don't know whether that is true or not.

The mother of the criminal is defending her son quite naturally and states that the cat is just fine but how does she know?  I've searched both the Internet and the ASPCA website and cannot find any information about the cat's health and welfare.

I have to say, that in almost all news stories about cat abuse 90% of the focus is on the perpetrator of the abuse and there is little or no follow up about what happened to the cat or other animal.

I would very much like the ASPCA to report with an update if it is true this cat was taken to one of their hospitals.

We are told that this cat is a stray cat.  Has anyone checked for a microchip?  Are we certain that this cat is a homeless cat?

Just a quick note about the criminal who kicked this cat.  He seems to have lost touch with reality because a friend of his videoed him and then it was posted on Facebook.  So he is advertising his criminal behaviour.  Perhaps he lives in a virtual world?  Perhaps he plays too many video games and believes that that is the real world?

Another point to make about this incident is this: everybody including my website jumps on it as a news item to discuss and the video above seems to be exploiting the event.  We discuss it as a straight news item with very little attempt to try and understand what is going on that leads to this sort of callous, wanton animal abuse which the perpetrator is proud about.  It indicates that something very wrong is going on.

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