Thursday 22 May 2014

Father Shoots Dog And Himself At Son’s Graveside

Father Shoots Dog And Himself At Son’s Graveside

If  you want to kill yourself then just stick to yourself and don't take any of your pets or children or anything else with you.  Keep it simple.  Killing yourself is a very personal decision!  It is the most personal decision anyone can make.  It is also a terminal decision.  It is the last decision you will make. A person who wishes to commit suicide does not have the right to shoot his dog before he shoots himself to satisfy a belief that both will be transported to the other side, the afterlife.

In this instance a distraught Mr Hinchcliffe, aged 52, wanted to be with his son again.  His son died in a car accident 8 months ago.  They were inseparable.  He couldn't bear to live without his son.  They did lots of things together with their dog, Jake.  They were threesome, a trio.  There were always together and they were great companions.

So when one of them died, one of the remaining wanted to join him in death.  That I can completely understand provided you believe in the afterlife.  But it should stop there.  Jake had a right to live.  He wouldn't make a decision to commit suicide because dogs never make these sorts of decisions.  Suicide is a human trait.  It is wrong to impose a human trait upon a companion dog or cat or child.

I would go so far to say that it is immoral to shoot your dog with a shot gun and then turn the shotgun or yourself in the belief that you will both be transported to the afterlife to join your son.  I am extremely sympathetic.  But it is the sort of thing that I would never do myself and what I mean I would never shoot my dog or cat before I shot myself.  If I wanted to shoot myself I would do it alone after making sure that my cat or dog was well cared for and contented.  I would make sure my affairs were in order and that my death had minimal impact upon other people and other sentient beings.

That is the only moral and ethical way to commit suicide.

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