Thursday 29 May 2014

Serval, Lynx, Bobcat And Asian Leopard Cat As Pets

Here are some quick notes from a very good book called “Legacy of the Cat" edited by Gloria Stephens about wild cats as pets

Servals may be kept as pets she says but only if they have been raised as cubs.  I disagree with her but that isn't the point.  I would like to add that you have to expect a high energy cat and a serval might get into situations which harms himself.  They will almost certainly spray around your home causing mayhem.  The household should be made cat proof and any toxic chemicals removed.  This includes pesticides of course which are inherently toxic.  Gloria advocates declawing of servals.  I confess I despise that advice.  Sorry Gloria you are wrong but people always declaw their serval pets.  Gloria says:
If they have not been declawed, the claws can destroy your furniture or, worse yet, hurt a human while the cat is “at play"
Yes, I agree with the damage because this is quite a big cat but I disagree with the declawing and in which case it is not viable to keep a serval as a pet - simple....unless you have a very large outside enclosure in which the cat can express natural behavior and there is no declawing! ;)
Serval Serena
Serena a serval living in an outside enclosure in OK, USA
having been relinquished by her owner.

As to the lynx she says that most lynx are not suitable as house cats especially if they have not been altered (neutered) or hand raised with care.  If they've not been altered they will spray or mark your house and furniture.  This is what I said about the serval.  This species of wild cat can be temperamental.  This is a medium-sized wild cat species.

As to the Bobcat it is of the same species as the lynx. She says that as with any wildcat, bobcats may not make good pets when they are adults.  The bobcat is between 2 to 3 and a half feet in length.

As to the Asian leopard cat, don't try and turn this cat into a pet because it won't work properly. This cat is solitary, nocturnal and they do not make good pets, so says Gloria.  They are known to be independent and I remember reading an article about this species of small wild cat in the Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) magazine in which the author made it quite clear that he was unable to connect with this cat.  The author had kept his leopard cats in an enclosure.  I remember quite clearly and noted this interesting fact.

I'll leave it there because if you want to read about these species of wild cats you can click on this link and go from there.

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