Cats and Dogs Are Similar (in some ways)


  1. Quite often you will see comments on articles about how their cat has dog-like characteristics. “My cat is like a dog!" “My cat thinks he is a dog" “My cat plays fetch!" These sorts of comments are common and people express surprise when their cat behaves like a dog. I don't think it is surprising.

    There is an overlap between the behavioural characteristics of dogs and cats. In the video (which I like) one of the similarities referred to is that both a dog and a cat pant in order to cool down. I think that is to be expected because cats hardly sweat like people. The same I guess goes for dogs. Playing fetch is a form of hunting and both cats and dogs are predators so once again I would expect there to be a similarity there.

    Coming on command can be trained into a cat fairly easily if you have the patience and inclination. Sometimes it takes no training at all to get a cat to come on command...just put down a bowl of his favourite cat treat!

    I just don't think we should be that surprised that they are similar in some ways. It is good fun, though, to see it happen.


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