2-3 Minutes To Neuter A Male Cat

Mobile Clinic Helping Control Pet Population

Please pause a while (5 seconds) for the video to start playing. Thanks.

A female cat takes 12 mins to spay. These vets work fast....! All vets work fast. Time is money as they say in business. This mobile spay/neuter unit do a lot of work on domestic cats which to me indicates that a lot of cat owners find the usual prices for these operations too expensive and therefore seek out discounted prices such as provided by this mobile unit.

What does that tell us about cat ownership in Connecticut? Perhaps people who want to care for a cat should stress-test their finances to make sure they can afford to care for a cat adequately before adopting.

The video: A mobile feline unit is out spaying cats to help control overpopulation. FOX CT's Tony Terzi has more.


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