Wednesday 21 May 2014

T-Cyte Treatment for FeLV and FIV Cats? Does it Work?

T-Cyte Treatment for FeLV and FIV Cats? Does it Work?

This is a fairly modern treatment.  The difficulty that I have with it is whether it works or not.  I suppose it must work at least to a certain extent.  How does it work?  The answer is rather technical. As I understand it, the drug boosts the cat's immune system.  It is administered by a course of injections. It cannot be bought over the counter by a cat owner.  The drug has to be administered by a veterinarian who apparently is licensed by the company that makes the drug. It is expensive at about $90 per shot.

There is anecdotal evidence that it does help but I'm yet to see anything on the Internet which informs me that is consistently improves the health of a cat that suffers from these nasty diseases.

I'm yet to find anything on the site of the manufacturer or any other website for that matter which provides information about studies confirming the success rate of this drug.

Accordingly, it would appear that the jury is out on the efficacy of this drug.  That said, often the diseases referred to kill a cat and therefore a cat owner may reach out for any form of treatment that provides a long shot of a cure or which improves the health of a cat suffering from these diseases.

As I read the situation, at present, is that this is a drug of last resort but I'm hopeful that it may one day be more - a mainstream treatment for these diseases.  My personal opinion is that it won't be but that opinion is based upon a gut feeling and nothing more.

You might wish to click on the link at the head of this page for some more detail and some links to the websites of the manufacturers.  In addition there are links to two organisations, one of them a Yahoo group, which may assist further.

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  1. It's 2017 and I too, am seeking some double-blind study in FIV+ cats that proves efficacy.


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