Sunday 4 May 2014

Epidemic of Botched Cat Declaw Operations

Epidemic of Botched Cat Declaw Operations

This image says it all. Anyone is free to use it and spread the word.  Please do.  The conclusion is that a high proportion of veterinarians are botching the cat declawing operation either because of a lack of proficiency or a lack of care and concern. Either way it is unforgivable and let's remember in this short post I am not referring to the morality or immorality of the operation itself I am simply referring to the proficiency of American veterinarians based upon this small study.

Information that is freely available on the internet tells us that American veterinarians declaw domestic cats in about 20 mins. That seems to be their target. This has always seemed to me to be a very short time in which to carry out 10 amputations.  They commonly use a crude device that acts like garden secateurs.

It appears that I'm correct in my belief. It also appears that veterinarians are approaching this operation in a cavalier manner thereby frequently leaving behind shards of bone which should never have been cut in the first place.

As I understand the operation, an incision is made through soft tissue to separate 2 phalanges of bone in each toe. There is no need to cut through bone at all.  If I'm correct, this once again confirms the careless approach of the veterinarians who carry out this operation.

Update: That said the operation itself is poorly designed as I am told that the vet's training states that the bone of the last phalange should be cut through. This surely is likely to leaves shards of bone behind in a rushed operation. The operation is inherently a botch.

As mentioned, in this short post I am not addressing the all-important issue of whether the operation is moral in the first place. Obviously it isn't and if you are that simple fact to the information on this page any sane person has to come to the conclusion that the declawing of cats America is a form of insanity and a clear case of animal abuse. It is actually, in my mind, a criminal act.

Why cats need claws.

Does leaving shards of bone on the toe after the operation cause pain? The answer has to be yes but I would like a definitive response to that query from a good vet.

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