Kitty Alarm Wake-up Call

How does your kitty wake you up?  Does she in fact, wake you up?  There are many ways for a cat to wake up her caretaker/owner.  The black-and-white, bicolor, cat in the video uses a fairly classic technique which is to make physical contact with the person usually with the paw.

What I found with the paw-tap technique is that unless you respond to it at some time, the cat may well gently extend her claws just to add a little bit of spice to the technique.

I used to live with a cat who did exactly as the cat in the video is doing but after a while she would extend just one claw of one toe and poke the skin of my hand with it.  It was certain to work  and was an intelligent and effective way of waking me up. What was particularly smart about it was that she just used a single claw and poked with it very gently.

Other techniques are to walk up onto your chest and nibble your nose!  That has happened to me on occasions as well.

Another technique is to jump up onto the bed and, while staying at the end of the bed, start screaming at you!  Well, it doesn't start off with a scream, it starts off with a gentle meow and then gradually builds up to an out-and-out demand to get up and feed me.

Sometimes cats do things on your bed which that know upsets you in order to elicit a response from you.  This may sound far-fetched but it does actually happen.  So, for example, in the past you may have made it clear to your cat that you don't like her knocking something off the side table (never punish a cat by the way).

Having tried the usual techniques such as meowing without success, a cat may go to the bedside table and knock something off onto the floor.  This is almost bound to wake you up and get you doing something even if it is out of sheer irritation.

If your cat has a loud enough meow and its persistent enough he or she may simply meow from another room and do it long enough so that eventually you wake up and, driven mad by it, you get up.

Perhaps the most effective aspect of a domestic cat waking up his or her owner is the level of persistence that they employ.  The domestic cat is an incredibly persistent animal when he wants to get his way.

How does your cat wake you up?  Please leave a comment and tell us.


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