Friday 2 May 2014

WordPress Version 3.9 Incompatible With Some Themes and Plug-Ins

As far as I am concerned, the code writers at WordPress should not issue updates to their software unless and until they know it is compatible with all known plug-ins and themes. Now, I know that will be impossible to do and in which case the whole WordPress model/system is a failure.

You cannot issue updates and upgrades to WordPress such as version 3.9 without knowing that it works with other third-party software which is part of the WordPress system. Plug-ins are written by all kinds of people and are part of the WordPress system of building a website. The underlying software is written by the WordPress code writers but they seem to think that they can ignore the plug-ins which are used by every single person who has a WordPress website.

The recent 3.9 WordPress upgrade has cause endless problems most particularly with the most important part of a WordPress blog, which is the visual editor. The visual editor is a bit like a word processor and it is not working properly because of this upgrade.

The upgrade was meant to improve image and video handling. As far as I'm concerned it does not. It doesn't work at all and I'm extremely disappointed in WordPress.

The more I read about this sort of thing, the more I realise that the WordPress model, the whole system upon which it is built is a bit of a failure because plug-ins are often incompatible with the WordPress coding. And so are the themes.

It is highly irritating to deal with these bugs. It is time wasting and often extremely hard to resolve these problems. It's a bloody failure, as I said, and something has to done about it because I'm tired of being lectured to by some geek who seems to be blaming the plug-in and the theme code writers rather than themselves!

Note to cat lovers: Sorry but I had to get this off my chest.

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