PoC Pays $200 For X-rays for Declawed Cat

PoC Pays $200 For X-rays for Declawed Cat

Pictures-of-cats.org makes a donation to a cat charity every month based upon the number of comments made during the month at $.05 per comment.  This is not a fixed way of calculating a donation because sometimes more is given.  For example a regular contributor to the website, Marc, gave $1000 on one occasion which is an amazing act of generosity.  That said, this website has given many thousands of dollars to charity to benefit cats over the 7 years that it has been in existence.

I know that I am blowing my own trumpet but I need to do it because the Internet is a very competitive place and very few websites donate regularly to animal charities.

For me, it makes the website meaningful.  Just making some money through advertising is not enough.  There is a great need for well placed charitable donations to organisations that benefit cat welfare.  This is because there are far too many unwanted cats. There are also abused cats and used cats, lost cats and declawed cats which are in pain.

The whole purpose of this latest donation is to assist a cat owner in America who cannot afford  x-rays for her cat which are required to assess whether declaw surgery that took place many years earlier when she was a kitten left in her paws shards of bone which as one can imagine can cause great discomfort.

This is the link to the original page about this cat whose name is Mollie.


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