Friday 2 May 2014

Trapped fishing cat mistaken for leopard in Greater Noida

Trapped fishing cat mistaken for leopard in Greater Noida

A fishing cat, once again, has been mistaken for a leopard and this time it happened in a place that's not too far from New Delhi, the capital of India.

I must say, that over the years that I have been reading about the wild cats, I have noticed that it is not uncommon to read about leopards and medium to large wild cat species being trapped in wells.

Fishing cat facts for kids
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That is what happened to this fishing cat.  The cat was found in a well.  It had wandered into a village because its habitat had been shrunk through unregulated urbanisation.  The fishing cat lives on wetlands as can be imagined because it feeds on fish as a primary prey.

The big question I have is why are so many wild cat species ending up at the bottom of village wells?  It seems to me, and I am very sceptical these days, that villagers are herding the cats into the wells to protect themselves from what they see as a dangerous animal.

The fishing cat isn't that dangerous because it is a small to medium-sized wild cat species.  It is a strong cat and it does bring down fairly large prey on occasions but I don't ever recall reading about a fishing cat attacking a person.  It is just that people mistake the fishing cat for a leopard, which surprises me because the leopard is many times larger. By comparison to a domestic cat the fishing cat is about twice the size.

We're not talking about distant sightings of a wild cat.  We're talking about people being quite close to a frightened wild cat who has wandered into a village.  Surely, after all these years villagers should be able to distinguish between a fishing cat and a leopard.

Apparently, this wild cat was recovered from the village well and taken to a zoo where no doubt it will be miserable for the rest of its life all because it happened to have wandered into a village having been forced off its own habitat.  Sorry to be so negative but that is the truth of the matter.

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