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Woodsman001 aka Jim Stevenson - Feral Cat Hater - Bird Lover

Jim Stevenson aka Woodsman001

Woodsman is the notorious feral cat hater/shooter and internet troll. He professes to shoot feral cats in their thousands.  He is proud of it and he gets away with it. He considers it his duty because feral cats spread disease and destruction, he declares (frequently).
Jim Stevenson
Jim Stevenson
Jim Stevenson

He admits to using  a .22 calibre rifle. You may have heard about him.  He spends a lot of his time writing very long comments below Internet articles and they're all the same.  Everyone comment he writes is pretty much the same in basic content.  The tone of the comment is identical as well.  They are classic rants.  They insult people. They indicate that he has a lot of hatred for people who like cats and the cats themselves.

He likes to use the phrase “cat-licker".  This is reference to a cat lover and I think he got the idea from the picture of a woman who likes to lick her cat.  It stuck in his mind - his damaged mind - because believe me does have a damaged mind.  How do I know?  His comments strongly indicate it.

His hatred for the feral cat and indeed all cats that go outside, originates in his ornithological activities. He likes birds and birdwatching.  He is the founder of the Galveston Ornithological Society and his father (or mother) was/is an ornithologist.  It is in his blood. He is programmed! He is what we call a “twitcher". He is about 60 years of age, I believe.

Although I am not 100% sure that the pictures on this page are of Woodsman001, this notorious internet troll, I do believe they are and that his real name is Jim Stevenson.

He was outed when in 2006 he was spotted shooting a cat in Galveston County and ended up in the criminal court being prosecuted for it.  I believe a photograph was taken off him by the police. Because he went to court there was discussion about him and his activities.  A .22 calibre rifle was found in his white van which squares up with what we know about his activities shooting feral cats. He uses a scope on his rifle.  He likes to shoot feral cats and I'm sure he's very good at it. He calls himself a mobile abortion clinic or something like that, meaning he aborts the lives of cats. He wants to exterminate them all to protect birds.

On the occasion he was caught shooting a cat, we are told that it was because he wanted to protect a piping plover (a shorebird).  The cat he shot was stalking this bird.  That also squares up with what we know about Jim Stevenson.

He was on trial in Galveston, where he lives. His lawyer said:
"Six or seven people got struck because they thought it was the biggest waste of their time," Nelson said. "They couldn't believe they got called down to court to talk about a bird and a cat. Much of those people were more dog people than cat people. Some of the people on the jury have cats and are professed cat lovers. I don't think it comes down to bird versus cat. I think it ultimately comes down to the law."
The central question was whether he shot a pet or a feral cat. The latter is unprotected in Texas from being shot. The domestic cat is obviously protected. But if a person takes pot shots at cats in general they are open to killing a pet. Obvious. I don't know the outcome of the criminal trial. Can someone help in a comment?

For some time, I have wanted to know who Woodsman, the Internet troll was.  I think I have found out.  It is important to know who he is but now we need to make a direct and hard connection between his Internet troll activities and himself.  He uses a proxy servers and other fancy methods to avoid being detected as an Internet troll.

If we can build up evidence that Jim Stevenson, the ornithologist, is the notorious Internet troll that people know as Woodsman, it may be possible to prosecute him for these activities.  I don't know the law in America but in the UK to troll on the Internet the way he does is considered a crime and a number of people have been prosecuted in the UK for this sort of activity.

Jim Stevenson, if he is this person, has many Internet names and e-mail addresses.  You can see some of them on this page.

Anybody who reads this webpage curve further information about this person then please do so in a comment.  It would be great if we could stop him one day.

Finally I agree that cat populations need to be controlled - long overdue in fact. I don't like to see cats prey on birds. However, for a cat, birds are well down the list of prey items at about 6% of prey items. Small mammals are preferred because they are easier to catch. Cats don't decimate bird populations.

We have a moral obligation to control feral cat colonies and in a way that is humane and decent because the feral cat originates in the careless activities of people. At present TNR is the only humane way we know.

So I am not against the basic concepts of Jim Stevenson's thoughts. I am strongly against how he does things.


  1. Excerpt from "The TNR Con-Game" -- FACT: During all this investigation I have discovered something that is unfaltering without fail. Something that you can bet your very life on and win every last time. That being — IF A TNR CAT-HOARDER IS TALKING THEN THEY ARE LYING. 100% guaranteed!

    You remind me that there's one more thing I should add to "The TNR Con-Game" list of facts:

    FACT: Every last TNR advocate is also a self-evident and self-professed net-stalker. This is how they've managed to get TNR into so many communities. By cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying everyone into it. (I have 3 years of proof of their cyber-bullying attacks, but they've been at it for decades now; they even send death-threats to congressmen and their families to make sure laws aren't passed against TNR, I also have proof of this.)

    The most entertaining part is that I don't even have to tell anyone this, they are more than happy to prove it to everyone all on their little own. Cat-lickers are never too bright. Thanks for proving it YET AGAIN!! :-)

    Here's a fun example of these TNR lunatics' cyber-bullying results that happened not long ago. You're in such fine company, aren't you.

    A loving veterinarian who tried to save the life of a sick cat from one of their outdoor hoarded TNR colonies. These sociopathic and psychopathic wastes-of-flesh cyber-bullied this caring and loving veterinarian to suicide.

    banvetabuse D0T blogspot D0T co D0T uk SLASH 2014_03_01_archive D0T html

    blogs D0T hudsonvalley D0T com SLASH pets-power/2014/03/03/veterinary-community-alleges-cyberbullying/

    Google for: LOEWS HOTELS FERAL CATS, if people don't believe what these psychotic cat-licking whack-jobs do to everyone on the planet.

    Another replay of what these cat-licking cyber-bullying sociopaths do, Google for: CATS VENICE COMPLEX REPRIEVE

    A $150 million renovation project for low-income housing, put on hold, jobs lost, money lost, homeless still homeless, court costs and lawyers, just to save a few of their feral vermin c-Rats. And the saddest part of all, the vast majority of these TNR'ed cats had already died heinous inhumane deaths from TNR-practitioners' "humane death by attrition" re-abandonment philosophy. (Road-kill, diseases, parasites, injuries, environmental poisons, cat & animal attacks, exposure, etc.)

    Similar scenarios can be found daily and weekly by Googling for feral cats and churches, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, malls, apartment complexes, etc. Cat-lickers delusionally believe that any land on which a cat has stepped-foot is their own property and they can manipulate and control the owners and all laws on it.

    This is precisely why everyone is learning to destroy all cats on their properties as quickly and quietly as possible. Telling nobody beforehand about any cats even being there. Long before these psychotic cyber-bullying cat-licker sociopaths and psychopaths get wind of the cats. Shoot (or trap & drown) cats first -- tell no-one later. The only thing worse than feral cats are feral cat-lickers. You can legally shoot the former, not the latter. You need to pay lawyers and courts to get rid of the latter. THEN you can get rid of their cats. And the sad part is, that's EXACTLY what happens, each and every time.

    People are wising-up. If ANY cats are around they destroy every last one of them first, before they make any other move. Before these cyber-bullying cat-lickers can do anything about it to try to destroy and waste everyone's lives even more than they already have with their disease-infested invasive-species vermin cats. Not quite the results that these cat-lickers had intended, but that's what they're getting! :-)

    1. Woodsman makes more than a few good points. A bit emphatic, but then you have to look at the cat nutters to understand how opposition ends up emphatic. I don't like "cat licker" as term and do wish he would change that one.

  2. The term that I use of “cat licker” is justifiably and accurately gleaned from the growing fad of people who are obsessed with cats and want to do everything possible to make their cats feel good at the expense of all that is reasonable and sane.

    They are now licking their cats clean.

    youtube D0T com SLASH watch?v=p9xmiOxsTWg

    It’s just another one of the many aberrant and mentally-ill behaviors of “cat lickers”.

    I cannot, in all good conscience and honesty, EVER use the term “cat lover” again to describe these heartless and spineless cretins. People who love cats do not throw them under the wheels of moving cars, let them lap-up antifreeze in a gutter, being eaten from the inside-out by parasites, or force them to attack one another to fight-to-the-death for territory by letting their cats roam free. (One of the main selling points of TNR: forcing their cats to fight-to-the-death for territory. Absolutely NO different than people who run criminal dog-fight rings to see who wins. Both just as guilty of animal abuse. There are many laws in place that make it a highly punishable crime to force ANY domesticated animals to fight each other for their very survival.)

    “Cat Lover” is an extremely oxymoronic label.

    “Cat Licker” is the only one that accurately works today!

    1. Hey, Jim thank you for gracing this page with your unflagging presence. You are reliable aren't you? And consistent. Always the same comments etc. Have a nice day Jim.

    2. Where on earth did you ever get the sadly mistaken impression that any of you cat-lickers are worth more time and effort than just a single copy & paste mouse-click each time? You are sorely delusional about your self-worth -- it being as near to zero as it can get.

      Even 1-click prepared replies are already too much energy and time wasted on any cat-licker.

      Just like this was a 1-click reply too. Not one of you is worth more than anyone's time and energy than that.

      Now I just use online cat-lickers like show-'n-tell puppets, to prove to everyone, beyond any doubt left in the known universe; that no matter how much we educate you, try to reason with you, argue with you, and even plead with you; it will NEVER stop you from perpetuating the very disaster that YOU CAUSED. It can ONLY be solved -- WITHOUT YOU! You can't be part of the solution because you ARE the problem. Destroying every last one of your free-roaming cats, no matter how anyone has to accomplish that now, is the ONLY thing that works.

    3. p.s. As long as you go on believing that I'm this Jim person that you are trying to cyber-bully and net-stalk all over the web, it means that you'll NEVER find out who I really am. :-) Works GREATLY to my advantage! Tell everyone I'm your Jim, it doesn't matter to me one nano-sized bit. You're only helping me. LOL

    4. Hi Jim. sorry but I don't have the time or inclination to read your rants but....have a nice day. Tell us what birds you saw today. That'd be nice.

    5. Michael Broad, now you are being offensive. Just because someone knows a bird from a cat, shouldn't make you become offensive and rude. It isn't about cats and birds, but about preserving some biodiversity, beyond the feral cat.

    6. Michael, the woodsman001 is jim stevevson....he's a big blowhard. I first saw him on the Audobon Society facebook page over an oped by Ted Williams telling ppl to poison feral feeding stations w/Tylenol. he rears his ugly head when he finds feral conversations with his name calling. His criminal ways were exhibited during a bird watching expedition he led....he ran out of ppl's money, and made them double up. one fellow emailed me out of the blue, telling me at the Canadian border, he lied about having a rifle. its the one he used in Galveston. this guy was so scared of him, said he drove lie a maniac scaring the passenger's in the van, many elderly, and he also bunked wit the guy---who paid a dbl occupancy to travel alone. what a piece of ----

    7. Thanks for your comment. Appreciated.

  3. Woodsman001 is my hero. Every single vermin feral and outdoor cat he kills saves the lives of countless native animals. He is a true benefit to our environment and serves as a beacon of hope for every single person out there who holds dear the safety and protection of our native wildlife. Because of him I have endeavored to do everything that is necessary to help preserve our ecosystem.

    1. Awww... shucks. T'weren't nuthin'. :-) After the first 5-10 or so, the next hundreds and hundreds of their community-vermin ain't no different than plinkin' tin-cans off of a fence rail. :-) But thanks! :-)

    2. Counterpoint: there is no such thing as a 'native ecosystem,' putatively invasive species are the real heroes by virtue of being adaptable and blunt-force agents of change, and you all only care about 'native wildlife' because it enables you to get your territorial rocks off.

      Here's to hoping you fail in all your efforts. Xoxo ��

  4. I just wish Woodsman001 would start getting emphatic too about the efficacy of licensing laws for dogs and cats alike, microchipping, and mandatory neutering prior the first litter, as well as rabies vaccines (the whole series, including boosters), as well as containment of your feral or otherwise beloved cats. Although, he does seem to have encouraging side of containment incentives on the right track, we can't do that in Los Altos Hills. I don't think we can even shoot off a pellet gun here, although believe me I'm tempted to try if I see on more barn cat on my property.

    1. (part 1)

      Johanna, I wish that I too "would start getting emphatic too about the efficacy of licensing laws for dogs and cats alike, microchipping, and mandatory neutering prior the first litter, as well as rabies vaccines": but the reason that rabies vaccines are innefective in preventing rabies in wild-harvested cats is that a vaccination for rabies does not cure a cat of rabies if it already has rabies. And rabies vaccines are completely ineffective on the undeveloped immune systems of all those kittens they harvest from their backyard kitty-mill hobbies.

      The greatest rabies outbreak in US HISTORY--665 exposures in one New Hampshire town in 1994 which cost that municipality $2 million to treat--was caused by a TNR CAT-COLONY from which four feral kittens were 'adopted' to a pet store and subsequently sold to different households.

      As for the other reasons I don't get behind those other laws you suggest, can be summarized in this excerpt from my oft-posted "The 100% effective and permanent solution."

      "... Licensing and laws do nothing to curb the problem. If cats are required to be licensed then these lying, deceitful, manipulative, and conniving cat-lickers just stop putting collars on their cats; as they did by me. And they won't even bother getting them micro-chipped, especially not that. They want absolutely nothing that can hold them legally accountable for their actions and the actions of their cats. We're not talking about the topmost responsible citizens of the world, you know. They don't want that responsibility of what they and their cats have done coming back on them. If they had even one iota of a sense of responsibility and respect for all other lives on this planet we wouldn't even be having these discussions.

      Any non-native cat that is allowed to illegally hunt our native wildlife where I live then in turn gets hunted until dead. No delays, no excuses, no exceptions. That's the very best way to keep these invasive species vermin from destroying any more native wildlife or spreading any more of their 3dozen+ deadly diseases to all other animals and humans. They had annihilated all the wildlife on my lands for 15 years, until on advice of the Sheriff I shot and buried every last one of hundreds of their vermin cats for them (as-is the legal right of every land-owner). Collared or not -- for you must destroy ALL stray collared cats as well, they are the very source of every last feral cat. If you don't destroy them too then you have done NOTHING to solve the feral cat problem. Guaranteed. All the cat-lickers by me told me for over a decade that all their "pet" cats were sterilized. But upon inspection during shooting and burying hundreds of them, NOT ONE of their cats were sterilized. Cat-advocates and cat-owners who let cats roam free are manipulative and deceptive liars -- one and all. ...

    2. (part 2)

      "... I don't see anyone dumping cats where I live anymore. They don't even adopt more than can be kept under lock & key 24/7/52. When driving through the area I don't see even one cat on anyone's doorsteps anymore. I always keep an eye-out to see if there are more free-roaming cats that will have to be shot. And if I'll have to leave fish-oil trails on all the roadsides again, leading right to my IR surveillance system and laser-sighted rifle. The eradication of these vermin was so complete and effective that cats are non-existent from my area FOR OVER EIGHT YEARS now. Not seen nor heard a single one. So much for that cat-lickers' oft-spewed and manipulative "vacuum effect" deception and lie too, eh?

      Leaving ANY of their invasive species cats outside in my area means certain death for their cat, its further existence can be counted in hours. You'd think everyone else could learn from this simple lesson. The quickest way to solve an unwanted animal and irresponsible pet-owner problem is to let everyone know that you will quickly and humanely destroy every last one of their unwanted, uncared-for, or unsupervised animals for them. They either grow up fast or, far more plausible, dump their animals elsewhere to become someone else's problem.

      You just can't be an enabler of criminally irresponsible spineless and heartless idiots -- or they remain that way. (At least where you live, anyway.)

      If there are not direct and immediate irreversible consequences to pet-owners' criminally-negligent and criminally-irresponsible behaviors and values then they learn absolutely nothing."

      I so wish that your suggestions would be of great value, but we are dealing with a whole other breed of criminally-negligent humans. These are NOT responsible dog, or any other species of pet, owners. They don't care ONE BIT about ANY laws or ANY respect for ANY other lives around them. If they did, we wouldn't even be having these discussions.

  5. TNR and feral colonies will be forcing more and more people into doing this. We are all forced to put up with the cat nuisance whether we like it or not.

    1. You can't blame the cats. Blame the irresponsible people who allow their cats to breed. Hurt them (legally) but not the cats.

    2. But we DON'T blame your community-vermin cats!

      We blame YOU!!!!

      Ain't it a shame that all your community-vermin cats have to be shot and poisoned to death now -- just because of who and what you are and what you support and promote. :-)

      May you live in emotional and mental torment with knowing that until you are in your well-deserved grave -- and even after as you rot in your well-deserved hell.

  6. Can you say 'aileurosexual' boys and girls?

    1. Never heard of the word. I presume it is made up. What does it mean to you?

    2. Now, now, "Prince KittyHumper" (that's your nickname for everyone who knows all about your having sex with cats, documented in your own words and archived online where you can no longer delete them). Don't pretend, Micheal, that you don't know what that word means. You are the epitome of that word! LOL Several UK publications even did articles about you and how you justify having sex with your cats as examples of the typical reason they pass laws against bestiality! Surely you've ran across those articles by now. Are you telling us all that everyone else knows you as the online "cat-licking" KittyHumper freak and only you are unaware of this? LOL Too freakin' funny!

      Says A LOT about all those that support you or will have anything to do with you! LOL Birds of a feather! (My apologies to all mentally, emotionally, and morally intact birds on the planet.)

    3. Fact: Nature doesn't need you to advocate for her. The fact that she is exterminating your birdies via cats indicates that she doesn't accept your particular vision of what she should be. Accept that your birds need to die. Violently.


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