Tuesday 24 June 2014

Don't Stop for Animals on the Highway

Yes, whatever you do, don't stop your car on the highway to help an animal get off it because you could very well be looking at a prison sentence for life! This is what Emma Czornobaj, 25, a Canadian is facing at the moment.

Emma, stopped in the fast lane of a highway to help a brace of ducklings. She faces a life sentence because she caused the deaths of a motorcyclist and his daughter who drove into her parked car while she tried to get the ducks into it.

Emma stopped her Honda Civic on the inside lane (the fast lane in Canada) to rescue the ducks. As soon as she stepped out of her car the motorcyclist, Andre Roy, 50, and his daughter, 16, Jessie, slammed into it at 90 kph. Roy's wife was travelling behind him on another motorbike but avoided the parked car.

Emma was convicted after three days of deliberations of causing death through criminal negligence. The crime carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail. In addition she was found guilty of two counts of dangerous driving causing death. The sentence for that can be 14 years in jail.

Is this prosecution in the public's interest. She was doing something good, innocently albeit very dangerously. The crimes mentioned really fit the activities of boy racers and rank crazy driving by irresponsible people not the sort person Emma is and activity she was involved in.

The prosecutor says:
"A clear message was sent to society that we don't stop for animals on the highway. It's not worth it"
It need not be ducks. Cats are often on the highway. Myself I have saved an injured squirrel on the highway. It was dangerous and people hooted but it was not the motorway. Emma stopped on the motorway. That is too dangerous for all concerned. She is a financial analyst and self-confessed animal lover. Sometimes you have to park your love and not act on it - this seems to be the message from the criminal courts.


  1. I feel badly for everyone involved.
    It certainly could have been me stopping on the highway.
    There are many rules to the road that must be considered. I can only speak for the USA.
    I don't know if Emma put on her hazard blinkers or not; but, she would have been required to.
    The following vehicle (motorcycle) is required to keep a safe enough distance from the vehicle ahead to safely stop in the event of an emergency stop, regardless of reason.
    My guess would be that Andre wasn't paying enough attention to his driving.
    So, maybe both were at fault and should be deemed a tragic accident instead of a manslaughter.

    1. Excellent comment Dee. It is likely that the motorcyclist was too close so was unable to stop. Nearly all drivers in the UK drive too close when traveling at speed. Emma has had a rough deal here. If she gets a lengthy prison sentence it will be wrong.


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