Nail regrowth after declaw under the skin

You'll have to have a strong stomach if you love cats (or even like them) and decide to watch this horror video.

This is a declawed cat whose claws have regrown under the skin. This can happen. Also bone fragments can be left behind after the crude operation, and often are. All of it is unseen but the cat has to live with this without complaining. Cats don't.

The video maker calls the claw regrowth: "sequestered nail regrowth under skin years after declaw" - "sequestered" means hidden away out of sight but it not out of the mind of the cat.

How many declawed domestic cats suffer like this? What percentage live with this burden. Is it painful? If we add claw regrowth to bone fragments within the toe and remember that cats walk on their toes; common sense dictates that it is painful, quite possibly very painful. Sometimes it shows in a modified gait; a crippled cat if you like.
Nail regrowth after declaw under the skin Nail regrowth after declaw under the skin Reviewed by Michael Broad on June 11, 2014 Rating: 5


kattaddorra said...

Anyone thinking of having their cat declawed should be forced to watch this video. That poor cat must have been in agony!

Michael Broad said...

Thanks Ruth, More evidence comes out daily to show how awful this bloody operation is. It is quite shocking that it takes place.

Unknown said...

I don't know about anywhere else in the United states, but in Idaho there are no vets that will do this procedure anymore. I guess if you looked hard enough, you might find some back woods ho dunk vets willing to do it in the more rural towns. But what a great victory for the kitties to have this nearly outlawed in my state! If you furniture is more important than your cats health then you shouldn't get a cat!!!!!!

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