Saturday 28 June 2014

Neutered Feral Cats Act as a Buffer Against Rabies

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  1. How nice to see that you're still doing what you do best! Pulling ignorant, misinformed, uneducated guesses out of your pathetically stupid ass -- and then re-spewing to the world every last manipulative lie and deception that any of your fellow conniving and deceiving cat-lickers might tell you. Your problem is that you have to smarter than the ignoramus that tells you what you want to believe. That's never going to happen.

    You did know too, didn't you, that giving a rabies shot to a cat that already has rabies does not cure it of rabies? Google for: RABID KITTEN ADOPTED WAKE COUNTY (for just one example of hundreds of rabid cats adopted from outdoors, given their rabies shot, but still transmitting and then dying from rabies). The incubation period for rabies is, on average, from 21 to 240 days, sometimes up to 11 months, one rare case being 6 years. A vetted cat can STILL transmit rabies many months later (during the last 2 weeks before it dies of rabies, sometimes not even showing any symptoms up to the point of its death) if it was harvested from unknown rabies-exposure conditions with an unknown vaccination history. May one of those cats you adopt-out have rabies too. Is your liability insurance in excess of $10M? Either quarantine them for 6 or more months in a government-supervised double-walled enclosure system at your OWN expense (as required by national and international law), or euthanize them. Those are your only 2 options to be relatively certain you are not handing rabies to someone. Isn't reality fun?


    Rabies outbreak caused by TNR! 50+ pets euthanized. ALL stray cats destroyed. All livestock destroyed. More than a dozen homeowners pay for their own $5,000-$8,000 rabies shots for EACH family member.

    Google for: Rabies Outbreak in Westchester County

    Google for: Rabid Kitten Jamestown Exposure

    There's hundreds more like those on the net showing everyone how these phenomenally ignorant and foolish cat-lickers "help" their communities by allowing TNR CAT-HOARDERS to continue their criminally negligent behavior. And contrary to these cat-lickers' perpetual LIES, feeding stray cats TRAINS them to approach humans for food. What do you think happens to the child or foolish adult that reaches down to try to pet or pick up that now seemingly friendly "cute kitty" that just approached them? The wild animal lashes out and bites or scratches the hand that has no food for them. Resulting in $5,000-$8,000 rabies shots for each victim of a cat-feeder's criminally negligent behavior, paid for out of the victim's OWN pockets. Two reports even document rabid cats entering a pet-door and one even came through the family's ceiling in search of human supplied foods, the attack so bad that the whole family required hospitalization.

    It is precisely due to feral-cats and all TNR programs (where they foolishly vaccinate already rabid cats which does nothing but strengthen the live rabies virus) that you are now 4 times more likely to contract rabies from ANY cat than ANY other domesticated animal.

    This is why even the CDC has issued direct warnings against the use of these failed TNR programs anywhere and everywhere:

    p.s. Another sign of your blatant ignorance, a feral cat IS a domestic cat. They are BOTH the SAME SPECIES. You fu**ingly stupid MORON!

  2. Woody, I'd miss you if you stopped commenting.

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    1. The senselessness of Michael would make sense to someone else who was just as senseless. Now you get to see why Michael deletes all these posts on his web-site. Heaven's forbid that you should have to read anything that might dissuade you from Michael making more money off of you fools and by torturing even more cats and animals to death and spreading even more deadly-diseases with your cats to exploit in the media for himself. Oh no, we must not have that! Ka-CHING! Michael's getting rich off of uneducated fools just like Dee!

    2. Hi Woody. Hope you had a nice day.


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