Wednesday 18 June 2014

North London Residents Psyched up About Roaming Bengal Cat

Some residents living in north London think they have wild cat lookalike roaming around their back gardens and many find it a bit disturbing.  They really haven't seen anything like it before but they think it might be the same cat that terrorised the community in 2011, which they called the "Beast of Shepherds Hill". The area concerned in Highgate; quite a fancy area.
Very domestic looking and far from a "beast"!

This wouldn't happen in America, absolutely not because this "miniature leopard" is in fact a Bengal cat and what's amusing is that the newspaper which reported on the story describes the cat incorrectly in my opinion as a Savannah cat.  They are quite different.  The cat as far as I'm concerned is most definitely a spotted Bengal cat and the spots are what are called donuts (doughnuts). At least no one shot it! That is something that would not happen in the UK.

The Bengal cat is a wild cat hybrid but at fifth filial level it is all but domestic. They have been around the cat show circuit since the 1970s - well established and popular. There are many breeders in the UK too so I am surprised they got this wrong, or did they. It seems like one of those, we-have-no-news-today stories; let's find a cat that is terrorising the neighbourhood.


  1. So silly indeed.
    If the picture is that of the cat in question, he/she has a collar and tag.

    1. LOL. We are not so familiar with wildcat hybrids over here! There is a naivety about them.


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