Tuesday 17 June 2014

Heath Robinson's Multi-Movement Tabby Silencer

Heath robinson tabby silencer 1

A museum is to be built to house the work of William Heath Robinson (1872-1944).  The work will start this autumn (2014).

W Heath Robinson

The name of Heath Robinson is part of the English language.  “That's a bit Heath Robinson-like isn't it?!"  I've used that myself a number of times.

His bizarre contraptions always consisted of wheels, pulleys, weights etc.  They always looked very fragile and totally impractical but fascinating nonetheless.

One of his contraptions possibly gives us an insight into his thoughts about the domestic cat: the Multi-Movement Tabby Silencer.

This is a device to spray water over noisy cats to silence them.  It is the classic way of stopping a cat doing something.  It is not recommended by me because it is a form of punishment and punishing cats is ill-advised as it tends to simply alienate the person's cat.

The Heath Robinson Multi-Movement Tabby Silencer consists of an extendable arm and a long stick.  There is a wheel and numerous ropes which are tied together in places.  There are 2 candles and a mirror together with a patterned china job containing water!  Two people operated while hanging out of open windows.

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