Saturday 21 June 2014

Picture of Cat Shot with Air Rifle (not gruesome)

This is a photograph of a cat that has been shot with an air rifle pellet.  It happened in the UK because in the UK the cat hater and cat shooter only has access to an air rifle and so whenever you read a news article about a cat being shot it is invariably with an air rifle.  The alternative is a crossbow bolt. Cats are shot for the fun of it.

So, in the UK it is air rifle pellets and in the USA because of the far greater access to guns people who shoot cats often use .22 bullets. This is a small calibre.

The cat is Daisy, who lives on Raine Avenue, Haverhill, UK. The photo comes from the Cambridge News.

Daisy was let outside for a while and within 15 minutes she was back home crying loudly. The vet thought Daisy had been shot at close range. She may have to have a further operation. Daisy is a tortoiseshell cat.


  1. Just cruel.
    I'm not familiar with air rifles, but I'm assuming that they cause less harm than a ,22.
    Cruel nevertheless.

    1. It seems to me that most cats survive an air rifle pellet but none survive a .22 bullet.

    2. More of your blatant ignorance and stupidity.

      Most good air-rifles are often rated at ballistics speeds from 700fps to 1200fps. The reason there's a cut-off top-speed as this then puts them in the legal range of firearms.

      High-velocity .22s run about 1260fps. Not much more than a good air-rifle. And in situations where people don't have access to a sound-suppressor they'll even use sub-sonic or "quiet" .22s to take out all the cats in the area. These have a report about as loud as an air-rifle.

      Firearms laws are designed around that magical >1200fps limit and why air-rifle manufacturers are required to keep them below that limit for legal sale. (Though many of them are easily modifiable to increase their ballistic's speed to even higher than that of a .22.)

      A good air-rifle with pointed vermin-pellets is just as effective as a good .22 rifle for killing every last vermin cat one sees. Those that approach the velocity speeds of firearms are a bit pricey (usually running more than $300), but worth every cent -- when you realize how many hours and days and even years of your life you've wasted trying to teach a disrespectful and negligent cat-licker to keep their vermin off your property. It pays for itself with the very first cat you shoot. And for years to come, as NO cat-licker ever keeps their vermin home if they think it has a right to shit in other people's yards. The only thing that stops them from letting their cat onto your property is humanely destroying their cat for them (shooting being one of those ways). There are no other options. Trying to reason with a cat-licker solves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, everyone who has ever tried that already found that out. They know what I'm talking about.

      How fateful and fitting that a cat named Daisy would be shot with a low-power air-rifle, probably made by the Daisy air-gun company. It was a karmic meeting just waiting to happen. LOL!! daisy D0T com SLASH rifles (See page 3 for their "higher-power" ones, nowhere near as fast as what Gamo makes for half the price.)

    3. I bow to your expertise regarding firearms.
      Will the low-power air gun that injured this cat kill a bird or not?
      What would happen to a bird with a higher powered air gun? Blown to bits?

    4. Sorry about your cat, looks like the tortoiseshell kitty ive got. I own real guns and a air rifle. lots of responsibly comes with gun ownership. dont go around shooting things just because you can. This sounds like the reason your govt wont let you own real guns.

    5. Well, I don't think Brits are less responsible than Americans with guns it is just that there are too many guns in the USA (from a British perspective). I know Americans like to have guns but America has a very high mortality rate due to firearm use.


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