Monday 16 June 2014

Wheat Litter Produces the Least Amount of Dust

16th June 2014 -- You will have to check it out for yourself. There is, though, anecdotal evidence which suggests that wheat litter produces the least amount of dust.  This is a timely post because I have recently written an article about a cat litter product that could be described as the cat litter which produces the greatest amount of dust.

Dust from cat litter is a genuine hazard to both the cat and the cat's caretaker (especially if the person is susceptible to asthma). Cats sniff their litter. They are prone to inhaling dust and the dust is a chemical (silica dust or sodium bentonite) which absorbs moisture. Imagine what that does in the moist cavities of a cat's lung. As I said, this is a genuine health hazard.

Wheat litter,  specifically SWheat Scoop,  gets a good write-up from a person who appears to be very sensible writing on the Yahoo website. It's quite expensive but as she states you can't spend your money more wisely than in the furtherance of the health of both yourself and your cat. In addition to being virtually dust free it appears to be highly effective in suppressing odour.

There will be negatives. One user says her dogs liked to eat it. What about clumping? Appears to be poor according to some - it clumps but in a bad way. It may be good but how does it react if left for a day? Odour control? Less good than some it seems These are things that a buyer will have to check out themselves in use. There are pros and cons for all cat litters. The key is to decide the most important features and prioritise. Clearly the health of your cat comes first.

This is an American product which is only available apparently at PetSmart but I would check that out. Only a few supermarkets sell it. If perchance you have used this product it would be very nice of you if you could leave a comment reviewing it.


  1. I've used it, and I liked it for the low dust. But I stopped after a few huge bags. It doesn't contain the odor. And the clumping isn't very good. Too much waste keeping it clean. I now use Worlds Best multi-cat (red bag) and so far, so good. It is awfully expensive, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It is made from whole kernel corn.

    1. Thanks for the input. World's Best cat litter seems to be good. Others have recommended including a colleague of mine. World's Best is one of the best clumping litters in the US I believe.


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