Tuesday 10 June 2014

Jackson Galaxy Will Fix Lux’s Aggressive Behavior June 14th 2014

Jackson Galaxy Will Fix Lux’s Aggressive Behavior June 14th 2014

What I mean is this, Jackson Galaxy will be analysing the behaviour of Lux, a cat that has been branded as highly aggressive and even dangerous because he held his entire family hostage for a while until they called the police so that they could come out of the bathroom where they had taken refuge.  You may well remember the case. Jackson went to Portland, where the incident occurred, to act a cat advocate.

It caused a lot of Internet chatter and many people felt strongly that the reason why Lux was aggressive on this occasion was because of something that happened or what was happening on an ongoing basis in the family home.

It is either the environment in which the cat lives or possibly a health problem which caused this kind of heightened aggression towards the owner.

Once a veterinarian has ruled out health problems then it must be down to what the owners of this cat are doing and what they have done which resulted in Lux becoming highly aggressive. You have to rule out socialisation, I believe, because Lux appears to be well socialised (I might be wrong on that).

Jackson Galaxy will be analysing the cat's behaviour on June 14, 2014 on the Animal Planet channel. Here are the details:
The episode featuring Lux, titled, “911, My cat’s Holding Me Hostage!” airs at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 14 on Animal Planet.
I might not be able to see this because it is an American program to be watched by Americans, as I understand it, and I live in Europe.  I may be able to see it on video in the future but I would like somebody to watch it and report to me as soon as possible afterwards on my website as to what happened and what Jackson galaxy says (please leave a comment on this page or this page).

This is an important example of aggressive cat behaviour and it should, I hope, shed a lot of light on the interaction between human caretaker and domestic cat and how this colours the cat's behaviour.


  1. Since all of you are so enamored with "Cat Daddy" and the Animal-Planet's "My Cat From Hell" information, you might like to know just what kind of person that you are revering.

    After "Cat Daddy"'s appearance on the "Ellen" show late last year, what he does in life finally all made sense.

    It is now clear why someone like him would put up with abusive animals that any sane person (one who is desiring and deserving of respect from other living things) would otherwise have those animals euthanized for their antisocial behavior. As well as those animals being a risk to any family members or visitor, opening up yourself for lawsuit upon lawsuit. Just as anyone puts any antisocial dog to sleep if it can't be trained to be around humans safely without having to change your own behavior or environment. (Ask the family recently that had to hide themselves and their other pet in their bedroom and then called the police to save themselves from their own cat attacking them.)

    Last year your "Cat Daddy" proudly walked onto the stage of the "Ellen" show with a LARGE yellow handkerchief swinging out of his right-back pocket. A friend told me to look-up what that means in the decades-old "Gay Hanky Code".

    Your "Cat Daddy" is a man who desires to be the recipient of "Golden Showers" from other men.

    No wonder he tolerates and even WANTS abuse and disrespect from other living things. He actually gets-off on it!

    What a great "hero" you worship.

    Yes, you're ALL in fine company. LOL

  2. In case this is too difficult for you to comprehend:

    He's a man who desires to be urinated-on by other men. He LIKES to be abused and disrespected! He gets-off on it sexually, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Just like every last cat-licker on the planet.

    He desires to seek-out and to be abused and disrespected by other animals too. So much so that he has made being abused by animals into a career for himself.

    Was that clear enough for you kindergarten-level morons?


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