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Fake Vet Injures and Kills Cats

Wells - Photo Ben Lack Photography
Ltd. (cropped)
This is the story of Jayson Wells, a herdsman, who delighted in being a fake veterinarian. Apparently, he also delighted in seeing the innards of animals.

I'm not going to recite every nasty thing that he did.  I'll simply refer to some examples of what he did to cats.

Before I do so I'll make it clear that Mr Wells was a complete fake of a veterinarian with no qualifications or experience whatsoever. He simply made it up as he went along and therefore was an extremely dangerous person to any animal.  He started to live his Walter Mitty life almost immediately after being released from prison in August 2012 for similar offences.

Mr Wells liked to give cats injections. One cat that he abused was Martha.  He injected her on several occasions.  Martha was put to sleep by him in November 2012.  He claimed that she was suffering from a stomach tumour. He probably just killed her for no good reason.

Mr Wells also examined a pregnant cat whose name is Pumpkin.  He gave injections to the cat.  He also gave injections to kittens.  It is not clear but some of these cats had to be put down we are told. However,  Pumpkin appears to have survived his abuse.

A cat living with Lisa Dove was given an injection by Mr Wells but, unsurprisingly it went wrong because the needle snapped or bent when inside the cat.  This caused blood to spurt out of the cat. The cat became distressed.  We are told that the cat literally coughed up his/her guts.

Miss Dove is convinced that her cat suffered terribly before dying.  The memory of what happened is firmly fixed in her mind.

Miss Dove says that Mr Wells delighted in what he was doing and in showing her the cat's innards. What the hell was he doing cutting open the cat?

On one occasion he recommended that a cat be given an injection of syrup of figs.  It had to be a full syringe. The cat was put down eventually due to organ failure.

There are other examples but I will stop there.  Mr Wells was successfully convicted on admitting two offences of causing unnecessary suffering to animals, three offences of fraud by pretending to be a qualified veterinary surgeon and admitting also the offence of practising as a veterinarian without a licence.

He was banned from keeping pets to 7 years in jail for 19 months.

Original story. The story is set in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK.


Nature Advocate said…

You sound like one of those kids who sit around a campfire trying to make up stories for attention, stories that will only be believed by kids more stupid than you are.

Michael Broad said…
Hi Woody, thanks for your point of view. Hope you are having a good day.

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