Friday 13 June 2014

Super Cat Hug Based on the Smell of the Owner

This is a good example of a domestic cat enjoying a cuddle with his owner. I hate to say the word “owner" at any time but when watching this video it seems to be particularly inappropriate. This gentleman does not own his cat. They are simply best friends.

My assessment is that not only does this cat like to be close to his human caretaker, which as you know is very common and normal, he also likes to smell the scent of his caretaker.  It is that, in fact, which keeps in so close to his caretaker.

You can see this beautiful orange tabby cat embedding his chin into the neck of his human companion, which allows him to smell the scent from this man.

Scent plays a central role in the life of the domestic cat.  It is as important as seeing. They remember you years later by your scent.  In fact, it may be more important because the olfactory skills of the domestic cat are highly advanced - far superior to ours - whereas a cat's visual skills are less advanced than ours or perhaps it is more accurate to say that they are attuned to crepuscular activity, meaning activity at dawn and dusk and therefore attuned to dark conditions.  In that respect their eyesight is far superior to ours.

This video, for me, is all about olfactory skills and that all-important scent off the cat's companion, which in this case is a human but it could just as well be another cat or any other animal to which he or she is socialised.

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