Saturday 14 June 2014

Lux Suddenly Snaps While Being Assessed by Jackson Galaxy

“It blew my world apart.” Galaxy talking about Lux

Jackson Galaxy with Lux. Photo: Animal Planet
Jackson Galaxy gets a surprise while assessing the behavior and character of his latest "patient", Lux, the notorious so called "cat with a history of aggression"

Jackson Galaxy has been assessing Lux in preparation for his television show “My Cat from Hell".

Like many of us, his initial assessment was that this cat had been provoked in some sort of way perhaps by the child of the family against the background of an environment that was not calm which caused Lux to become aggressive on occasions.

Jackson Galaxy admits that his initial assessment was incorrect.  He says has had to rethink the way he goes about dealing with cat behaviour problems. This is because Lux has thrown up new challenges.  It is the most difficult case he has dealt with in 20 years he states.

During Jackson Galaxy's six-week assessment, living with this cat, he fell in love with him.  They were getting along like a house on fire.  Then suddenly Lux showed him something unexpected.  He snapped and became aggressively violent, he says.  I have to presume that this outburst of domestic cat violence was totally unprovoked unless Jackson Galaxy was testing Lux to see how far he could go with him to check how well balanced, or not, Lux's character is.

In any case, he says that Lux blew his world apart, meaning, I presume, it changed his attitude towards cat behaviour problems.  We will have to wait and see what he says in his television programme scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday, June 14 on Animal Planet.

Has anyone said if Lux has been declawed. If so that is a potential cause.

Having read what he has said about his relationship with this celebrated cat, we can pretty confidently say that 90% of all cat behaviour problems are to do with the environment in which the cat lives together with the socialisation of the cat but clearly some behaviour issues are inherited and some are caused by chronic discomfort or pain suffered by the cat. Perhaps the latter two factors have played a part in this instance.

Note about the photo: I have taken the liberty in publishing it here in exchange for this link to the Animal Planet website and in promoting Jackson Galaxy's work and this important example of feline behavior.

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