Tuesday 3 June 2014

Pretty Chinese Woman Commits Ugly Crime against Her Cat

This pretty, young Chinese woman has an ugly side to her.  She has a mean and nasty side to her, no question about that.  She adopted a cat and within 2 weeks, in a fit of anger about something else, she cruelly beheaded her cat, dismembered her cat and then posted the photographs on China's equivalent of Twitter.

She says she had vented her anger on her cat.  She said the reason was her family had been destroyed by her father's extramarital affair.

She was criticised heavily by other visitors on the website where she had posted the bloody photographs. She was forced into apologising in an open letter.  She said she had abused her cat under the influence of alcohol.

She said she lived in fear and guilt due to the torrent of criticism that she had received.  One user of the website said that she had disqualified herself as being a human being through her behaviour.

It is an extraordinary example of animal abuse. It is totally unimaginable that a person could do this to their domestic cat companion.  There is no doubt that this person disqualifies herself for life from keeping a domestic cat or any other pet for that matter.  As far as I'm aware there has been no prosecution of her and therefore no punishment. Certainly, it has not been reported and as we are well aware China does not have a fantastic reputation with respect animal welfare.

This pretty woman's name is Li Pingping. She used to be a marketing consultant and now works for the Chengzi Culture Communication Company in Huizhou. Shame on you Ms Li. Never go near a cat again for the sake of cats.

Original story: Daily Mail


  1. Larry Chamberlain3 June 2014 at 20:26

    "One user of the website said that she had disqualified herself as being a human being through her behaviour."

    I couldn't agree more! What a bitch!

    1. I don't think I've seen a worse case of cat cruelty and abuse. So brutal and coldhearted and simply evil. I hope you're doing okay Larry. Nice to hear from you.

  2. It wasn't always this way for me -- but now when I look at a human being I don't see pretty, attractive, ugly, plain ...I see either a "redeemable soul" or a "monster" and this woman is a monster.
    Apathetic individuals who don't care or have no passion about stuff like this fall into the monster category.

    1. We think alike. Some people are just plain evil.

    2. I hope someday there is some kind of justice for animals who have suffered at the hands of these filthy drones. These soul-less MACHINES. It isn't a belief for me, but it is a wish -- a hope.

    3. Me too. There is a lack of justice born out of a lack of sufficient respect for animals. For me the world is becoming a rather unpleasant place. Too many people are soulless, They have no tenderness or sensitivity. I hate them.

  3. Did you tards make up this story? Most crap from "daily mail" is baloney and much fabricated.
    I doubt that pic of her and the cat are a related thing. But it's easy for a western person to bash some random person from China as they can't do anything about it.

    Just like sites like daily mail have on many times claimed that Kim Jong Un had killed some woman but later photos were released on the net that westerners found where clearly nothing happened to her and she is still in many recent pics.

    Basically making up pure shit is what the west likes to do.

    A reverse image search of that cat comes up with a totally different story. Nice job idiots.

    Next time proof check your silly daily mail crap, that site is a total discredited cesspool.

    1. I agree that the newspapers can make things up and are sometimes unethical but I believe this story is genuine. As I recall it was also published on Asian sites.

    2. P.S. The photo is credited from an Chinese online media site as far as I can tell! So much for your argument. I guess you are Chinese. Why are there no animal welfare laws in China? Why do some Chinese brutally kill and eat domestic cats? Why do some rich Chinese poach, kill and eat the endangered Bengal tiger? Tards? Who is the tard?

  4. WantChinaTimes.com? lol

    Just because it has "china" in the name doesn't mean it's the china times. Sigh. It's run by a western person and is mostly anti China propaganda. Good job idiots. lol

    1. Want China Times is the English news website of the Taiwan based China Times News Group. It is written in English but please provide (a) proof of their bias against China and (b) that it is run by Western people.


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