Monday 2 June 2014

Disgusting, Abusive And Medically Useless Experiments On Cats

Reports are coming in on January 1, 2014, on the radio and in the online press, that at University College London (UCL), animal experiments on cats have taken place which have been described as a from of torture. It is not clear when they were carried out but the scientific papers were published last year.
This is for illustrative purposes only.
This is not one of the cats

At least 11 cats had parts of their skulls removed.  The cats were paralysed, had their skulls broken and electrodes were stuck into their brains, spines and ribs in what appears to be the most disgusting and abusive of animal experiments.  These are certainly the most abusive that I have come across and for me all animal experiments of any kind are unjustified. But these animal experiments are beyond reason.  This is madness and it makes me mad.

The cats were being tested so that science can better understand the human body we are told.  It makes you sick doesn't it?

The director of Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler, heavily criticised the experiments and rightly so.  He described the experiments as torture. He stresses once again that there are plenty of alternative methods and scientists do not have too grossly abuse domestic cats in this way and for what?  What kind of advantages does it give to people?  In any case, if people want to learn about their bodies, I say do experiments on yourselves.

In other tests a plate was screwed onto the skulls of kittens!  The kittens were placed facedown with clamps on our backs.  Incisions were made around the spine and rib cage to allow the insertion of electrodes.  A part of the spinal-cord was exposed.  It makes me sick to report that a part of the skull was removed so that an electrode could be inserted into the brain to measure brain activity.

We're told that all the cats were anaesthetised during these experiments.  Half of the cats were killed at the end of the experimentations.

A spokesperson, Wendy Higgins, of Humane Society International UK, says that the cats would have undoubtedly suffered considerably.  I suppose that is common sense.

This really must stop.  These cats are being used as a disposable research asset: used and abused and then thrown away.  This is uncivilised.

Wendy states:
 “inserting electrodes into kittens' brains does not represent advanced 21st-century science and it's time we consign this type of cruel and outdated research to the history books.  This is science at its worst."
I'll write more on this story later today. Source: Mirror and radio.

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