Please God that the squeaky super cute sloth ends funny cat domination

It is time we moved on and let the domestic cat be himself. It is time people stopped training their cat to perform tricks and stunts to make money spinning YouTube videos of "funny cats". Perhaps (unlikely) the super cute sloth will push the super cute funny cat into second place for a while.

Surely the public has tired of funny cat videos by now. There must be a lifespan for them and we should be near the end of it.

Funny cat videos spawned celebrity cats, the new film stars of the catwalk! I just want to return to the good old days when cats were cats. I don't like seeing celebrity cats worshipped while millions of cats - who happen to not look quite so fascinating - are deliberately killed ("euthanised") at places where they should be saved ("shelters") because they are unloved.

Come on cute sloth from slothville! Beat the competition. Go viral. Spread the word. You're as good as a cat and we, the cat and animal lovers, want to see you consign the feeding frenzy of feline fun into second place.


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