Wednesday 4 June 2014

Committed and Dedicated Cat Hoarding!

This lady went the extra mile in her cat hoarding.  She rented 2 apartments and in the apartments were 70 cats but not her!  She lived somewhere else.  She rented apartments for her cats. Unfortunately she failed to cope as usual and the cats were in a poor state as is almost invariably the case with cat hoarders.

The online newspaper where the story comes from says the woman turned her apartments into giant sized litter boxes! That gives a very clear idea what the apartments looked like. The cats and the very young kittens lived amongst their faeces and urine - many were covered in fleas etc.

She actually lived in the apartments at one time but moved out two months ago realising that it had all gone wrong and then very rationally she sought help from the local authorities. That single step indicates that cat hoarders are not always (if ever) crazy cat ladies.

There are some ladies who simply want to help but get in over their head. Nearly always they are unable to look at what they're doing objectively and even believe that what they're doing is good for the cats when quite clearly it is not. It starts off well and ends up a disaster when the number of cats become such that they lose control completely.

This lady simply provided food and water and nothing else which is clearly completely inadequate but at least she realised it. The address where the cats lived within 2 apartments is: four-plexes at 8208 Everton Ave, KANSAS CITY, MO.

Article on cat hoarding. There many others on the site.

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