Wednesday 4 June 2014

Lil Bub Tattoo. Would You Have One?

Here is a classy version of a Lil Bub tattoo. It's very good but...I wouldn't have one....

Picture of Lil Bub wikimedia commons. Tattoo photo: Betty Rose Tattoos
Betty Rose is a cat-loving tattoo artist working in Brooklyn, New York.  She has seen a huge increase in popularity for her feline tattoos and I can see why because they are excellent judging by her tattoo of the American cat celebrity Lil Bub.

In the past there was a greater demand for wild cat species, typically, tigers and lions but I suspect with the sudden increase in the popularity of celebrity domestic cats people have latched onto this and are now demanding tattoos of domestic cats.

A lot of people ask for tattoos of their deceased cat companion.  A memorial to a loved one.  Betty Rose does feline tattoos on a weekly basis and she loves doing them.  There is no doubt she is very talented.

Apparently, 20% of American adults now have at least one tattoo compare to 16% of the population in 2003 (Harris Institute of Research).

Albeit by a very small margin, women are more likely to have tattoos than men.  They are, however, more than twice as likely to have them removed later on.  Overall, 86% of people with tattoos don't regret having them.

See some more feline tattoos by various artists.

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