Wednesday 4 June 2014

Be Honest: Your Cats Keep You Awake at Night!

Are you getting enough sleep or are you being kept awake by your cat?  Doctors at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota state that pets may inhibit our sleep.  They state that having a pet next to you can keep you awake at night.  I agree with that completely but I still let my cat sleep next to me at night although sometimes I politely ask him to give me a little bit more space!

Apparently the scientists at the Mayo Clinic discovered that snoring, whimpering dogs and wandering kittens are the main reasons for keeping us awake.  Well I can add to that.  My cat keeps me awake because he lies next to me and he's hot, he's dammed hot and he is very static.  He's a hot water bottle that you can't get rid of and I can't turn and adjust my position.  This is what keeps me awake.

The research also concluded that there has been a small rise of 1% since 2002 from pet owners complaining about being kept awake by their pet.

Many people probably sleep even better with their cat or dog beside them.  If they read this article they would find it hard to believe but some people have different experiences.  It must depend upon the individuals, both companion animal and person.

The Mayo Clinic was researching sleep problems and they concluded that about 10% of pet owners in 2013 blamed, at least in part, their companion animals.

Another problem would be that some pets act as alarm clocks.  That must be a reference to the domestic cat because the domestic cat is crepuscular waking up early at dawn demanding food probably as that is the time they would normally go hunting for prey.

Multi-cat households must have a greater potential impact on a person's sleep. There may be an increase in multi-cat households hence the small rise in complaints.

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