Tuesday 17 June 2014

Almost a quarter of British men talk to their cat on the phone

Almost a quarter of British men talk to their cat on the phone

A snippet of information which is quite interesting.  You can click on the link above if you want to read more and see more statistics about the Brits and their cats.

An interesting extra bit of information is that not only a quarter of British men talk to their cat on the phone, more men than women talk to their cat on the phone.  That seems to go against the trend. And this slightly odd statistic begs the question as to how this happens.

After all, a cat does not put a phone to his ear.  Perhaps, therefore, the man's partner who is at home puts a phone to the family cat's ear allowing the man who is at work to talk to his cat.  That is the obvious solution.

However, there are devices that you can buy these days which not only deliver food remotely via your iPad but also allow you to talk to your cat.  The whole process is done wirelessly via the Internet.  This means that a single man can feed his cat, keep an eye on his cat provided his cat is within range of the camera and talk to his cat in a reassuring way.  That's modern life.

Another interesting statistic is that almost 40% of British men have tried to teach their cat a trick or stunt which tells me that, quite possibly, they are trying to train their cat to perform an interesting stunt for their camcorder in an attempt to make a viral video published to YouTube with the intention of making vast sums of money through advertising!  There will be hundreds of thousands of failures but even one major success can earn pots of money for the cat caretaker provided the video gets tens of millions of hits.

Source: Hallmark survey


  1. This American Woman does the same thing, Michael. I always talk to our kitties on the phone when we are away for an extended periods of time. Recently when I was in the hosptial, I spoke to them every day:) Hee hee.

    1. Well good for you because I think is very sensible. Your kitties will like to hear your voice. It will reassure them and make them feel better. We know how sound and smell sensitive cat are. My cats have always been very sensitive to my voice and recognise it immediately.


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