Sunday 22 June 2014

Meet Gabriel the Cuddly Cheetah

You might love this but I am not sure about it.  I am not sure that I like this sort of thing.  Obviously Gabriel, the cheetah, has been raised by people all his life and you can tell he is still quite young because he has long hair from the nape of his neck to his shoulders.

The video was made at Volunteering at Cheetah Experience in South Africa where the man in the video, Gary Getz befriended this teenage cheetah Gabriel.  Gary says that Gabriel loves giving affection more than receiving it.

I think when Gary says that it hurts at the beginning of the video he is referring to Gabriel's tongue as he is being licked. As you know a cat's tongue is quite rough with hard keratin spikes on it.   Cheetah's seem to have many domestic cat traits and are quite friendly relative to some other wild cat species.


  1. That poor guy seemed to be in some pain.
    A beautiful cat. The difference between cheetahs and cougars are a little confusing to me though.
    Cheetahs remind me a liitle of hyenas too. I'm not sure if hyenas are cat or dog really, but they seem very mean.

    1. Hyenas are very strong dog-like creatures that actually compete with lions as predators although the lion wins unless there is more than one hyena. The cheetah is similar in character to the cougar - domestic cat traits like the meow etc. and potentially friendly to humans. They can make pets. The cheetah was used for hunting with humans and still is. The cougar is often seen as a pet in America. Nice character.

      The hyena probably beats a cheetah in a straight fight but the cheetah would steer clear.

  2. I am trying to explain people's obsession with gossip about celebrities such as actors, singers, and politicians. I think high-status people simply attract attention.

    1. People make a career out of being talked about and photographed. People a still are still rather small minded and they like the superficial things of life which is why the big issues are not dealt with and the planet is going down the plug hole.


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