Friday 13 June 2014

Paw Project-Utah and PoC Helping a Declawed Cat

PoC, the website, works internationally. That is the nature of the internet. I am proud to say that we, at PoC, have worked with the Paw Project - the most respected anti-declaw organisation - to help a declawed cat living in America.

Mollie is a traditional type Siamese cat (actually more "applehead"). Her caretaker, Tina, was concerned about her welfare. She was unsure but wanted Mollie's forepaws X-rayed to see if there was something wrong due to the declawing operation. This is not uncommon. Research is being conducted at present on how commonly bone fragments are left in the paw and how common claw regrowth occurs after declawing.

Tina lives in American and PoC is based in London UK. PoC donates funds to charity monthly. The site has donated thousands of US dollars over the years. Tina requested financial help and we responded.

$200 was provided (by PayPal) for the X-rays. The x-ray was performed by Dr. Serena Heig at Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota (near Millie's home). There followed a great team effort of myself, Jo Singer, Kattaddorra, Carla Kreb and veterinarian Dr Kirsten Doub and Millie was checked out. Dr Doub is a wonderful and brave advocate of the anti-declaw campaign. It takes courage to step out of line and risk being ostracised by one's peers in the interest of cat welfare.

Millie does not have bone fragments in her paws. But that is not the end of the story. Cats can be affected psychologically and as their gait is affected they can develop arthritis.

Accordingly, Dr Doub provided her advice which applies to all declawed cats. You can read her advice on this page.

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