Watermelon Cat - Obese Cat

Shocking and intriguing in equal measure. A grossly obese cat that no longer looks like a cat from the angle the photograph has been taken.

Water Melon Cat or Bowling Ball Cat or.....
Please, Mrs & Mr Cat Owner, do something about this. It is very unfair on your cat to feed him to the point where this happens.

Diabetes (type 2) is on the rise in the domestic cat world and one reason is the rise in obesity of cats. Another could be the dangerous, high in carbohydrates dry cat food. Feeding too much and the wrong stuff.

Tough love is tough to do but cats don't hate you if you ask them to wait a bit for their dinner. Or if you give them less and no treats. Fat cats are due to a human weakness - a need to be loved and scared to lose it. Silly. Cats don't think like that.

Note: there is an alternative take on this picture: it is photo-edited and unreal. Sort of looks like that but can't be sure either way.


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