Monday 5 May 2014

Psycho Cat Beats Up On Vet

The title to this video irritates me a lot.  The video is embedded below but if you can't see it on your mobile phone then click on this link after you have read this page (please) and see it there.

What is wrong with the title to the video?  It gives the impression that this cat is psychotic or mad or crazy when the cat is none of these things.

Every cat taken to a vet is anxious at the least and frightened at worst.  Frightened cats become defensively aggressive.  That is what this cat's behaviour is.  Is a clear-cut case of defensive aggression and there is nothing psychotic about it whatsoever.  This is not a psycho cat beating up a vet -  stupid title.  This is a cat who is scared to death and because he is particularly scared he has to be handled in a certain way with gloves and with a towel, which of course makes him even more frightened which in turn makes him even more aggressive.  Everything is exactly the way it should be and everything is normal in this video.

I'm tired of seeing stupid people post stupid titles that do not respect the domestic cat adequately. All these titles to videos gradually chip away at the public profile of the domestic cat and it gives cat haters ammunition to attack the cat anywhere possible, verbally and physically.

The trouble is that a lot of cat owners are stupid as stated.  They may not be absolutely stupid but they are stupid in relation to cat behaviour.  A lack of education abut cat behaviour is one of the major problems with cat ownership anywhere in the world because it leads to careless cat caretaking which in turn can lead to all sorts of problems including allowing a cat to breed thereby producing unwanted cats.

There are millions upon millions of unwanted cats in countries such as America and indeed around the world.  You could take any country and more or less the same thing about it.  Although, it must be said that some countries are better than others and you will see far less stray and feral cats in places such as Switzerland for example.

A lot of what I see on YouTube in relation to the domestic cat, I dislike, regrettably.  I'm sorry about that but a lot of it is disrespectful of the cat and this is an example.

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