Thursday 1 May 2014

Second-hand Vaping: Heinz Body Anemia

Second-hand Vaping: Heinz Body Anemia

"Vaping",  means smoking electronic cigarettes which give off an odourless vapour.  They are meant to be much safer than tobacco cigarettes in terms of passive smoking and for the health of the smoker.

In general a companion animal is much safer in a house where a person smokes electronic cigarettes than in a house where the person smokes conventional cigarettes.  Apparently, however, dogs may try to eat the actual electronic cigarette if it is lying around which can poison them with nicotine.  People should beware of that.

As for this very rare disease called Heinz body anemia; it can be caused by the chemical commonly used in many electronic cigarettes which is propylene glycol.  I don't know how much of a risk it is but as far as I am aware it is very low risk and I'm sure your veterinarian will be all to discuss this if you are concerned. There are alternative chemicals such as vegetable glycerin, which are safer.

The signs of anaemia in a cat are well documented.  The propylene glycol apparently kills off red blood cells causing the anaemia.

I'll leave it there.  The link at the top of this page will tell you more about it if you wish to pursue that avenue.

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