Monday 4 July 2011

What Is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who writes articles (posts) in a blog. A blog is a certain kind of website in which the posts are dated and the most recent post is presented as the home page.

The blog website is in the form of a diary with each page dated automatically. The initial intention must have been to allow people to record day to day events on a website.

However, the differences between the normal website and the blog website has narrowed. They greatly overlap, in fact, and blog websites can be anything you want them to be. This website is one example.

I write about cats and computers! I occasionally make posts that are date sensitive but most often they are not so it is not a blog really but just a website.

There are advantages to using a blog website - in this instance a Google Blogger site hosted by Google servers - as a normal website.

The home page is constantly refreshed, for instance. That is nice. A lot of stories are date related anyway so the date stamping is relevant to a certain extent.

An with Google Blogger you can label the posts and the labels are listed in the margins. This groups similar articles together. The blog becomes very similar to a classic website as the labels become a navigation bar.

These days there is very little difference as far as I am concerned between a blog and a normal website. The overlap is large.

True bloggers are people like political commentators who write about news events which are of course time sensitive.

You will find that many people use blogs to record family events particularly as Google Blogger is a free service. That means you can start up very easily.

However, I use Google Blogger because it is damn good and it is so easy to make a post. The technical aspects of publishing on the internet are removed and you can focus on expressing yourself.

However, bloggers should blog daily. Google likes that and will rank your pages and blog higher in search results as a result.

If you leave a blog dormant for a long time it will gradually become invisible and not be listed in search results except perhaps for one or two pages.

What is a blogger? ANS: a person who writes articles regularly on a time sensitive website usually making comments about daily changes and events.

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