Wednesday 13 July 2011

Blue Tortie Tabby Point Siamese Cat

Blue tortie tabby point Siamese cat

Blue tortie tabby point Siamese cat (phew that's a mouth full) is shown above courtesy Wikimedia commons.

She is female and the photo is the work of Kamée.

The photo is fed direct from Wikimedia. If it dissappears please don't point the finger at me as they provide the code to embed images.

"Tortie" is short for tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell is a type of coat cat pattern and color amongst other things.

You can't see a tortie coat in the pointing but the genes that created this form of Siamese cat pointing are the same or similar to those that create full blown tortie cat coats.

Tortoiseshell cats are nearly always female due to the gene being sex-linked. Tortie and tabby pointing is a modern concept. It leaves very subtle pointing far removed from the original seal point which is a solid (self) color.

See tortoiseshell cats and calico cats (tortie and white)

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