Siamese Cat Breed Standards

The breed standards of the cat associations are the guidelines that should be followed by breeders to ensure that their cats are of the correct "type" (appearance). This will enhance their chances of doing well at cat shows and it preserves the features of the cat breed.

The downside of breed standards is that they focus heavily on appearance and very little attention is given to health and character. It is in the hands of the cat associations to address this obvious failing.

In England, the GCCF - the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (a mouthful of a title) are the premier cat association. They call the breed standard, "Standard of Points". Sorry, but I find this phrase odd and unnatural. "Breed Standard" is far better.

The breed standards will vary, unfortunately, because there are different cat associations with different ideas and there are different types of Siamese cat. This is all very confusing and unnecessary but it has happened.

If you would like to read the standards of the two main cat associations in the USA plus the standard in the UK, here are the links:


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