Siamese Cat Life Expectancy

Siamese cat life expectancy is the same as any other cat..except, in my well considered opinion, the life expectancy of the highly selectively bred modern Siamese cat is shorter than average.

The modern Siamese, which is only accepted by the premier cat association in the USA, the CFA, (for how long?) is not a natural cat. It is bred to be very slender, unnaturally so in my opinion.

The cat bears no resemblance to the original Siamese cat in Siam hundreds and perhaps thousands of years ago.

Selective breeding for appearance can cause health problems in Siamese cats.

OK -  the normal age for a domestic cat will vary with each individual. But on average will be something in the order of 15-20 years of age. A greater number of random bred cats will possibly live towards the upper end of this scale.

The modern Siamese might live on average something in the order of 10-12 years but this is a guess as there are no figures for modern Siamese cats. If I am correct this is understandable because breeders will hide negative information.

See human age to cat age conversation table.


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